Haptic and VR Dental Education

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Haptic and VR Dental Education

haptic & VR Dental education

A revolutionary new way to train students in a safe environment

DAte: tuesday 19th may, 2020

time: 8am canADA / 3pm TURKEY

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of what haptics are.
  • Short history on simulation based training.
  • The benefits of haptics in dental education.
  • Using simulations as part of the qualification process.
  • The future of simulation training — project with VR.


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Orthopia is the official distibutor of Virteasy Dental in Turkey and has a wide range of experience with the latest technologies in dental education.

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James Markey,
Head of Product / Sales,
HRV Simulation

James is the Head of Product & Sales for Virteasy Dental, working with both the development team and all of the 30+ dental universities to build the best product possible.

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