1) Check the haptic arm is successfully connected:

The light on the front at the top will be on if it has power.
A light above the ethernet port will be on if it’s securely connected there.

Connected haptic arm. Pairing button will be used later.

2) Click the Windows (“super”) key on the keyboard and start typing “terminal”

Launching the terminal manually

3) Type exactly as follows (even capital letters):
Then click the enter key.

Terminal screen

4) Follow the tutorial for LAN settings within the setup program:

5) Go back to the terminal and type exactly as follows (even capital letters):/opt/geomagic_touch_device_driver/Geomagic_Touch_Diagnostic
Then click the enter key.

6) Follow the tutorial for diagnostic test here:

If you have any further issues, please book in a support session at: https://www.virteasy.com/support.

Or contact Support@virteasy.com.