Looking to buy Virteasy Dental?

All direct enquiries can be sent to James Markey (Head of sales) at: James.markey@virteasy.com

HRV Simulation

Name: HRV Simulation
Contact Name: James Markey
Contact Email: james.markey@hrv-simulation.com

Twin Medical - Virteasy distributor

Name: Twin Medical
Since: 2015
Contact Name: Jérôme Esteves
Contact Email: j.esteves@twin-medical.com

Name: Dentacon
Since: 2016
Website: https://www.dentaconbg.com/
Contact Name: Rangel Prodanov 
Contact Email: dentacon@dentaconbg.com

Name: Medmarket
Since: 2018
Website: http://medmarket.kiev.ua/
Contact Name: Sergiy Denysenko
Contact Email: denysenko@medmarket.kiev.ua

PactorScan White

Name: Pactorscan
Since: 2019
Website: https://pactorscan.com/
Contact Name: Sergio Fica
Contact Email: sfica@pactorscan.com

Name: Experts Medical
Since: 2018
Website: www.expertsmed.com
Contact Name: Moh.Nabeel
Contact Email: moh.nabeel@expertsmed.com

Name: SWAN – Dubai Office
Since: 2019
Contact Name: Khaled Eissa
Contact Email: khaled.eissa@swanmedsupply.com

Name: Kangway Medical
Since: 2016
Contact Name: Yi
Contact Email: kangway.fr@gmail.com

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