Using the example curriculum from Virteasy Dental, you’ll get an appreciation of the difference in the density of different elements of the tooth.

Credits: JPMentors

Lesson One. Density

Using one of the standard library exercises from Virteasy Dental, this lesson teaches the basic concept of variable density in teeth.

The blocks represent caries, dentine and enamel, and feel different to one another.

This allows students to appreciate that each material is unique and feels different during patient treatment (and to plastic teeth on a phantom head).


Using real micro-CT scanned teeth inside of Virteasy Editor we’re able to show the anatomy of teeth and visually explain the differences between each part.


Enamel… is as hard as crystal”

ENAMEL is the hardest part of the tooth.
The enamel covers the surface of the tooth.
Did you know? It’s as hard as crystal…!

“Dentin(e)… is as hard as bone”

DENTIN(E) is the 2nd hardest part of the tooth.

Did you know? It’s as hard as bone…!

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