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We are very excited that Virteasy Dental has received finance from EPIC Mega Grants to develop Virteasy on the Unreal Engine and also in VR.

So far we have created the VR scene and demoed it to various dentists and universities in France, Turkey and Canada. The feedback has been impressive and we’re currently working with 3D Systems to integrate the haptics into the scene.

first demos of the visual scene

Virteasy Dental Unreal Engine Epic Games Mega Grants

"this will be An incredible advancement for dental training, I've never seen anything like it before"

-- One of the dentists at the Rouen event, France

Haptic VR Simulation Virteasy Dental

"I was totally immersed in it"

-- Dentist from Turkey

"No words other than.... wow"

-- Dr Ilhan Dagsuyu,

"This is a huge day not only for Virteasy but also for haptic and VR simulation in dentistry in general. A huge sign of confidence in the growing market of advanced haptic simulation within universities and could offer unbelievable benefits for both existing and new customers of Virteasy Dental."
James Markey Simulator - Square
James Markey
Head of Sales and Product Owner

epic games mega grants

What are Epic MegaGrants?

Epic Games has committed $100 million to support game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing amazing things with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community. 


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Virteasy dental

Virteasy Dental is one of the world leading haptic and VR simulators / Dental Trainers available on the market. Primarily aimed at pre-clinical dental training in universities, with modules in: restoration, endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology. 


An outstanding simulation software, Virteasy has become the simulator of choice for more than 30 universities around the world and supports patient-specific training through CT and intra-oral scans.  

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