Nissin Simodont

With development starting way back in 2005, the Nissin (formerly Moog) Simodont Dental Trainer has remained the #1 haptic dental simulator for a long time among innovative dental universities.

The simulator was built in partnership with ACTA, who did a very good job providing direction to the software for Moog. Having 50 dental simulators has meant that ACTA has been able to integrate it fully into their curriculum. A number of research papers have come out of ACTA which have helped validate the concept and the value of integrating virtual reality and haptics into dental learning as well as making other universities feel confident in the purchase of modern dental simulation.

Simodont & Virteasy Dental

We’ve spent the last few years trying to match, and exceed, the outstanding feature-set of the Simodont. With the release of Virteasy Classroom we’re very proud to be side-by-side with the Nissin Dental Trainer in multiple simulation suites around the world.

Their website lists a number of advantages to the Simodont system, including:

  • Test the occlusal reduction using the antagonist
  • Login using manual login, swipe ID card or RFID card
  • Select the required instruments for the planned treatment

Simulator Comparison

Virteasy Dental Logo voxel-man-logo
Virteasy Kobra Simodont Voxelman
Windows & Linux Linux Windows NT Windows 10
Haptic Arm 7.9N Touch X (from Geomagic) Custom (from Forsslund Systems) Custom (TBC) 3.3N Touch
Standalone Dental Mirror Yes (free flow) No Yes (haptics) Yes (haptics)
Open Source No Yes No No
Categories Restoration
Oral Surgery Restoration
STL Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
STL Library Yes Yes Yes Yes
3D Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 HD 24 Inches 1920 x 1080 HD 24 Inches 800 x 600 pixels 1920 x 1080 HD 24 Inches (TBC)
3D Glasses Yes – Active Yes – Active Yes – Passive Yes – Active (TBC)
Multiple viewers of simulation (*) Yes Yes No Yes
Virtual Patient Case Studies Yes Yes Yes Yes (TBC)
Virtual Patient Simulation Yes Yes No No (TBC)
Full 3D Scene Yes No No No (TBC)
Antagonist Mode On request No Yes Yes (TBC)
Number of Exercises 115+ 6 (more being created) 80+ (TBC) TBC
DICOM Compatible Yes No No No (TBC)
Curriculum Yes No Yes No (TBC)
Broadcast Simulators Yes No Yes No (TBC)
Editor Program? Yes No (TBC) No (TBC) No (TBC)
Universities 26 3 80+ (TBC) 100+ (TBC)
Case Study Available on YouTube Not Currently Available on YouTube TBC
Parent Company HRV Simulation – France Forsslund Systems – Sweden Nissin – Japan Voxel Man Group – Germany
(*) This is a requested addition to the comparisons by Forsslund Systems

Kobra Simulator

Forsslund Systems has confirmed all the information to be fair and accurate comparing the Kobra simulator to Virteasy Dental.

Nissin (formerly Moog) Simodont Dental Trainer

Comparison chart still being validated. Has been sent to Nissin to confirm that the information is fair and accurate and any other comparisons requested.

Still in process of finishing comparison.

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