Kobra Simulator

The Kobra simulator is a very impressive device. It is designed to be a “complete simulator designed for teaching oral surgery procedures in virtual reality”.

As far as we are aware, it is the only simulator of its type to be specifically designed for oral surgery.

The major selling point of the Kobra is the custom haptic arm piece that is designed by the same team and it’s speciality for oral surgery.

In April 2019, we had the good fortune of visiting Forsslund Systems in Sweden and seeing their new device.

The simulator impressed us and we found the haptic arm to be of good quality and hope to see further developments in the future.

Jonas Forsslund, CEO, said the Kobra Simulator has five key advantages (among many):

  • Only simulator specifically targeting Oral Surgery
  • Custom-made high force & high stiffness haptic device
  • Open source simulation engine that is extendable
  • Large co-located 3D display
  • Growing library of patient cases open for extensions

How does it compare?

We’re happy to present a comparison of the three different simulators: Virteasy Dental and Kobra Simulator to further understand the similarities and differences. [The Simodont by Simodont / Moog comparison is currently under review]

Logo Virteasy Dental Logo
Name Virteasy Dental Kobra Simulator
Windows & Linux Linux
Haptic Arm 7.9N Touch X (from Geomagic) Custom (from Forsslund Systems)
Standalone Dental Mirror Yes (free flow) No
Open Source No Yes
Categories Restoration
Oral Surgery
STL Compatible Yes Yes
STL Library Yes Yes
3D Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 HD 24 Inches TBC
3D Glasses Yes – Active Yes – Active
Virtual Patient Case Studies Yes Yes
Virtual Patient Simulation Yes Yes
Full 3D Scene Yes No
Number of Exercises 115+ 6 (more being created)
DICOM Compatible Yes No
Curriculum Yes No
Broadcast Simulators Yes No
Editor Program? Yes No (TBC)
Universities 26 3
Case Study Available on YouTube TBC
Parent Company HRV Simulation – France Forsslund Systems – Sweden


Currently, we are working with Forsslund Systems on integrating Virteasy Editor with their simulator and provide the capability to create new lessons from STL and DICOM images (including patient scans!).

To Purchase

You can purchase the Kobra Simulator directly from Forsslund Systems with a starting price of €45,000.




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