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Virteasy Dental - ChezMoi

Virteasy Dental

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Haptic and VR simulation endodontics

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Some new exercises are available remotely to help give you a tutorial through Virteasy Editor. New exercises you create can be shared if you want them to.

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Due to the current COVID 19 situation and many universities being closed during lock-downs, universities are having to look at how learning can continue using virtual means.


James Markey, Product Owner, said “We all understand the difficulties that universities find themselves in. With teachers finding it difficult to teach and students finding their learning disrupted, whilst we learn to adapt to these new norms.


“Fortunately, with the rise of virtual simulation, we are in a unique position to help universities that are equipped with Virteasy machines to continue some of their work from the safety of their own home. That’s why we’ve decided to make Virteasy Assistant and Virteasy Editor from home free of charge to all our universities for as long as is needed in our initiative #ChezMoi”


“If the university is affected by a prolonged lock-down, they can use Virteasy Dental at home, too, provided their computer has a high enough specification, by taking home the haptics device and the USB foot pedal, from the simulator and setting up our software.


“For universities which don’t have enough haptics to send to each of their students, it’s suggested that the teachers take home the haptics and can live-stream or record lessons for their students.


“We admire and appreciate all the work the universities are putting in to continue educating their students and have been impressed by their resourcefulness. Well done and thank you for everything you’re doing. If there’s any more we can do to help universities adapt to this situation, we will do everything we can.”

Post-COVId 19 dental training

There’s a lot of questions about how universities will be able to teach practical skills, carry out assessments and lots more after students return. One of the issues is aerosols that are used in the conventional clinics (either with real patients or phantom heads with plastic teeth) as these could spread contaminates within the clinic and / or the classroom. A further issue will be social distancing which is likely to still be in affect for sometime after the lock downs start to transition back.


One of the advantages of virtual simulation is that we don’t used aerosols or water during simulation. The simulators can be wiped clean after student use and are movable so they can be spread out within the simulation suite to maintain appropriate social distancing.


Where possible, with the #ChezMoi initiative, work can be done remotely to ease some of the pressure away from classrooms.


We’re reviewing how else we can support universities during this period and you’re welcome to contact us with any ideas or questions you may have at

about Virteasy Dental

Virteasy Dental is a haptic and VR training solution for dental universities. The simulator is currently used by more than 30 universities, across more than 15 countries around the world, for training dental students in restoration, endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology.


Teachers can use Virteasy Assistant to manage students, evaluations and courses.


With Virteasy Editor, teachers can adapt the standard library to their needs as well as creating entirely new exercises from the 3D library or through integrations with a patient workflow using intra-oral scanners and/or CT scanners.

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