2020.06.1 CHANGE LOG

Virteasy Assistant Integration

Virteasy Assistant is now integrated directly into the simulators, working on both Linux and Windows platform and enabling student / teacher communication fluidly.

Student Notifications

In addition to the Virteasy Assistant integration, students (and teachers) will see notifications when there are new comments, grading or when an evaluation has been finalised.

Self_Assessment Virteasy Dental

Student Self Assessment

Student’s can now assess their own work through the use of YES/NO question and responses.

Virteasy Dental Self Reflection

Student Self Reflection

Student’s now have a chance to reflect on their work after completing an exercise. They can use the touchscreen and the pre-built rubric or manually enter responses to let you know what they think they’ve done well or could improve in next time.

More Admin Options

With the introduction of the self-assessment and self-reflection modules,anaesthea we’ve given you the option to tune the settings from Virteasy Assistant.

Deciduous Teeth

Virteasy Dental now comes complete with a full library of Deciduous teeth that can be used to create new exercises.

Editor: Implantology Workshop

Using the standard workflow you can now create additional exercises for the Implantology Workshop category.

Four New Exercises

Your data pack has been updated with four new exercises which can be used as a tutorial for creating exercises with Virteasy Editor.

Simulator Configuration

Update to the simulator configuration and desktop configuration means the initial setup is now easier than ever.

Improvement: Stability and Bug-fixes

It was reported that specific use-cases of implantology lead to stability issues within Editor. These should now be resolved.


Ruler Measurements

Direct from the evaluation view you can measure the distance of two points

Implantology planning improvements

In the simulator and Editor, there’s plenty of new features to make implantology planning more realistic.

Delete exercises from the library

Sign in as an administration on Assistant, click courses and “Delete Exercises” is now visible at the bottom

Create a caries with ease

Using Editor, it’s now easier to load an object from the library, click and drag and create an example caries.

Personalise the system

Sign in as an administrator on Assistant and click Manager to view the new options

Custom tool kits for exercises

Using Editor, you’ll find toolkits in the workflow. Double click a tool to add it to the current toolkit.

Simplified Exports

Using Editor, exports are now much simpler and integrated into the workflow.

September 2019 Change-log

Integrated pre-clinical curriculum

Integrated Curriculum for pre-clinical studies
Working with our training partner, JP Mentors UK, we have added in a default 5-year curriculum for pre-clinical studies along with additional teaching materials for integrating simulation into your teaching.

This curriculum is based on the most used exercises across the world from leading universities.

Student Self Assessment
Every exercise can now either have a snapshot (the floppy disk icon) to create different branches of the treatment to reload or can be finalised (the tick icon) which launches the self assessment questions for that type of exercise.

Student self-reflection can be logged in Virteasy Assistant using the new student login.

Student Login Virteasy Assistant

(Virteasy Assistant) Student Login and Self Reflection
Students can now login to Virteasy Assistant using their login credentials and review all of their evaluations. They can also leave their comments and self reflection notes before the teacher gives them a grade.

In the future, we will look at the possibility of making this available from a mobile application.

Create A Caries Virteasy Dental

(Virteasy Editor) Create-a-caries
Our new create-a-caries workflow on Virteasy Editor secures the programs place as the most powerful creation tool for haptic and VR dental simulators. Now you’re able to import geometric objects from our library and then move and manipulate them to create new shapes to represent the type of caries you wish to use.

Virteasy Grading

(Virteasy Assistant) Simulator Grading
Our new evaluation screen allows teachers to take control over the simulator grading of students and use their expert eye to validate scores.

Teachers also have the ability to give a custom grade that aligns with the university grading system to ensure that Virteasy is integrated into teaching practices.

3D Viewer Virteasy

(Virteasy Assistant) 3D Viewer
No more logging on to the simulator to load a student snapshot. Now you have access to the 3D solid straight from the teacher PC.

Another area where students and teachers can communicate with each other about the work.

Self Assessment Virteasy

(Virteasy Assistant) Self Assessment Questions and Reflection
By seeing the student’s responses to self assessment questions you can understand how the student sees their own work and how they’ve reflected on it since doing it.

Alongside the questions, students can leave their self-reflection comments.

Virteasy Set Logo

(Virteasy Assistant) Set a University Logo
We’re very proud that universities wanted to put their stamp on Virteasy. So we listened to everyone who asked and have added an option to put a logo on to the loading screen of Virteasy, right opposite our own logo.

Export Solids from Virteasy Editor

(Virteasy Editor) Export Solid Creation
With more and more universities having mixed simulation suites (having previously bought other brands of simulator), we understand how important it is to integrate the two workflows.

With Virteasy Editor, you can now create a solid and then export the STL(s) of the external solid or all the individual components (enamel, dentine, pulp, caries) so that you can 3D print them to be used in traditional phantom head suites, or to import them into other types of simulators.

April 2019 Change-log

Easier login GIF

Easier Login
If you have a database of lots of users and you don’t have LDAP, it can be a long list. When you click the login box, you’ll now see the available letters at the bottom of the screen as a helpful little jump.

Exercise Database
Now with more than 115+ exercises in familiarisation, restoration, endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology. All of the thumbnails have been updated to better represent the exercise.

Virteasy Support in two clicks

Support Shortcuts
Administrators have quick access to the following support programs straight from the simulation now:
1) Haptic connection
2) Haptic calibration
3) Support at distance

Calibration Simplification
You can now go to the next step into the calibration by using the pedal so you can keep a stable position without having to touch the screen.

Depth Gauge (bottom-right)

Depth Gauge – All Exercises
The wait is over! You can now access the depth gauge from the aids menu in every type of exercise. The position has been moved to the bottom of the top screen so you can easily refer to it whilst doing a treatment.

Implantology Aids

More intuitive aids
For implantology we have reconfigured the order of the aids to make it more intuitive for everyone:
1) Lesson notes
2) Impact position
3) Planned angle
4) Depth gauge
5) Post-drill visual check

Integrated STL Library

Virteasy Editor: Integrated STL library
In the last public release we gave you a free library of STLs to use. Now you have access to all of these files from within Virteasy Editor. Create a new exercise and when you get to solid creation you can choose import from library.

Virteasy Editor: Snapshot Thumbnails
Creating new exercises just got a few clicks easier. From the solid viewer on step 3 you can take a snapshot of the 3D view and the program will automatically set this snapshot as the thumbnail image for the exercise.

Virteasy Assistant

Virteasy Assistant: Optimisation
Some behind the scenes optimisations have made the program quicker, more stable and better optimised for daily use.

Changelog: November 2018

Virteasy Simulator

Virteasy Dental Guest Mode

Guest Mode

The new guest mode allows the simulator to be disconnected from the server, taken to open days or to exhibitions and it still magicly works. No admin or fake user logins. Just guest mode. Simple. When you’re done, just connect the simulator back to the network and it’ll recharge all the latest exercises.

Already tested out at ADEMA in Palma, Spain and the gaming exhibition in December 2018.

Virteasy Calibration Tutorial

Calibration Tutorial

One of our most requested features of all time is here. Choose a high speed or low speed burr and in one-click you can launch a calibration tutorial. Experienced users can use the 3D mouse to perform a translation movement and calibrate manually so that everyone has the best of both worlds in a user-friendly way!

Virteasy New Exercises

New Exercises

Virteasy Dental now features an astonishing 114 preloaded exercises. With the release of Virteasy Editor, ANY university can now create their own exercises with STL or DICOM files. Feel free to contact us if you want your new exercises to be included in the next release.

Virteasy Editor

Create with Virteasy Editor
Create with Virteasy Editor

Full STL Library

Virteasy Editor is now ready to export exercises straight to the simulator. It comes equipped with a full library of adult teeth. All you need to do is create an STL for the caries and target that you want and you’re ready to go!

Virteasy Assistant

Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant


Virteasy Assistant now comes fully equipped for the classroom with the Boradcaster. As a teacher this allows you to view all of the simulators from a Teacher PC and even put them up on the big screen.

Changelog: September 2018

The latest changelog is filled with useful advancements for the Virteasy Solution. First off, let’s look at the Virteasy Simulator:

Linux and Virteasy Dental


For all new orders, the Virteasy Simulator will be available on Linux. This is a huge advancement from the Windows alternative that has allowed us to provide optimised performance, a more secure machine and prepare the simulator for the future so you don’t have to worry about your simulator suite. All existing customers can contact us to arrange a switch over to Linux if they wish.

New Exercises on Virteasy Dental


We now have lots of exercises in dexterity (29) and restoration (32). Now, the focus moves on to endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology to offer an entire database of preloaded exercises so universities are ready to go from day one.

Virteasy Gizmo

The “Gizmo”

To help make placement and calibration easier within the 3D we’ve implemented the traditional “gizmo”. We were blown away by the feedback from #ADEE2018 of just how important this little aid was. So we listened and here it is. Available in the latest update: the gizmo.

Virteasy Simulator


Haptic calibration is now built into the system to help you concentrate more on the use of the simulator and less on the setup. We’re working on tutorials and prompts to make this even smoother now.

Now let’s look at Virteasy Editor:

Create with Virteasy Editor
Create with Virteasy Editor


Editor brings the ability to create your own exercises, important patient scans and even complete your own “expert” planification for implantology. No one else offers all of that. We’re still improving and integrating the editor and will be working with existing users to advance it further.

Now let’s take a look at Virteasy Assistant:

Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant
Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant


Again thanks to one of our fantastic universities, we have implemented a detailed user view into Assistant. We’re currently integrating out remote-viewer into assistant for a fully integrated classroom setup.

You can find out how to contact us here.

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