Virteasy Dental by HRV Simulation works towards a strategy of developing our current product innovations within the industry of medical simulation. Specifically that of haptic and VR dental simulation.

What Makes Virteasy Unique?

Virtual Reality
We use more than just 3D models which recreate the same experience as a phantom head. There’s also a virtual scene and a virtual patient with potential for lots of different applications and learning objectives.
Most Powerful Creation Tool
Virteasy Editor allows you to create new exercises from our library of micro-CT’d teeth (controllable models for enamel, dentine and pulp) and intra-oral scans.
DICOM and Segmentation Integration
We are able to create visual and haptic models for new exercises from patient CT DICOM scans. Also the option to plan an implant placement on the scan.
Custom Linux Build
We have made a custom build of Linux Debian 9 to make the system secure, fast and ready for the future.
Currently working with big companies like Dentsply Sirona and Salud Two Ten Health to integrate Virteasy into the Digital Dental Workflow. 
Epic Games MegaGrant
Epic Games, creators of Unreal Engine and the game Fortnite, have invested in Virteasy to bring it to Unreal Engine and test out VR headsets.
Any improvements accomplished will be freely upgraded for all customers of Virteasy Dental.
Operating SystemLinux
Processor Intel i7
Graphics CardProfessional ‎8 GB + Graphics Card
Haptic Arm
(haptic rendering for tactile force feedback)
Maximum Exertable Force 7.9N
6-degree-of-freedom positional sensing
3-degree-of-freedom force feedback
simulation of various oral tissue types (differences between enamel, dentin, pulp, carious tissue, jaw bone, soft oral tissues)
Simulation CategoriesRestoration
Dental Implantology planning
Dental Implantology simulation
3D Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 HD 24 Inches
3D Virtual Patient SimulationYes
Full 3D Environment (chair, room etc)Yes
Integrated Curriculum for pre-clinical studiesYes
Networked / Standalone ModesYes / Yes
Preloaded ExercisesYes – 100+
Program Self- OptimisationYes
Simulation snapshots (save progress)Yes
Student self assessment Yes
Real-time EvaluationYes

What Makes Virteasy Unique?

There are a number of factors which make Virteasy Dental unique in the marketplace:

  • The only simulator to combine intra-oral (STL) and CT (DICOM) scan data from real patients to create new virtual patient case-studies.
  • The only creator to feature a create-a-caries workflow
  • The only trainer which allows you to plan an implant and compare it to the teacher’s planning before drilling on a virtual patient
  • The first dental simulator to receive funding from Epic Games Mega Grants to prototype the Unreal engine and VR headsets
  • The location: Virteasy is based in Laval, France, home to the world’s largest VR event: Laval Virtual.
  • The staff: Being based in Laval is no Paris, for example, in terms of population size (Laval is 50,000 and Paris is 2.2 million) but it is home to a fantastic university: IUT and the Laval Technopole. This means we are very lucky in recruiting hugely talented people from internships (un stage) and who have graduated.
  • Our history: We have a great history of working on research projects which have led to Virteasy Birth, Virteasy Surgery and NAWO Solution.

Product Innovations

  • The Virteasy Patient: The first haptic and VR simulation to include the Virteasy Patient and a full 3D environment. This gives a more complete immersion into the simulation.
  • Implantology Module: Virteasy Implantology is the only mainstream haptic and VR simulator that has a full implantology module with software to import and create new exercises from patient scans.