Virteasy Dental by HRV Simulation works towards a strategy of developing our current product innovations within the industry of medical simulation. Specifically that of haptic and VR dental simulation.

We originally competed with all suppliers of haptic simulators, but we quickly realised that there are a few things we have done really well. It’s thanks to our product innovations that we’ve been so successful to date.

There are a number of factors which make Virteasy Dental unique in the marketplace:

  • The location: Virteasy is based in Laval, France, home to the world’s largest VR event: Laval Virtual.
  • The staff: Being based in Laval is no Paris, for example, in terms of population size (Laval is 50,000 and Paris is 2.2 million) but it is home to a fantastic university: IUT and the Laval Technopole. This means we are very lucky in recruiting hugely talented people from internships (un stage) and who have graduated.
  • Our history: We have a great history of working on research projects which have led to Virteasy Birth, Virteasy Surgery and NAWO Solution.

Product Innovations

  • The Virteasy Patient: The first haptic and VR simulation to include the Virteasy Patient and a full 3D environment. This gives a more complete immersion into the simulation.
  • Implantology Module: Virteasy Implantology is the only mainstream haptic and VR simulator that has a full implantology module with software to import and create new exercises from patient scans.