Nolwenn Filoche, Software Engineer from HRV Simulation, and James Markey, Head of Commerce / Product from JPMentors UK had the pleasure of visiting Ukraine from January 28th to February 1st.

The Virteasy Standalone with Teacher PC module (which includes Virteasy Assistant and Virteasy Editor) was easily set up, with many keen to find out more about the fantastic features.

Showcasing the features of the Virteasy Standalone with Teacher PC module.

The university is looking forward to using the Virteasy Editor to easily start creating their own lessons from 3D scans or 3D objects, with their own unique instructions and variables. With the classroom setup, this is simply done with a two-click export option.

Learning how simple to use the Virteasy Editor is.

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to visit such a wonderful university filled with creative minds and look forward to what they create with the software.

See you next time!

Did you know?

We currently have 71 simulators deployed at 26 universities across 12 countries! Where will be next?

This post was written by Georgina from JPMentors UK

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