You can find out more about how “The School of Clinical Dentistry has engaged in an exciting new venture in Learning & Teaching with the introduction of virtual reality simulation using haptic feedback devices.” Which is also available here:

Virteasy at the University of Sheffield
Virteasy at the University of Sheffield

James Markey, Head of Commerce, and Pierre-Jean Petitprez, Senior Software Engineer, visited The School of Clinical Dentistry of The University of Sheffield to see how students in their 1st, 2nd and 3rd years are getting on with having a curriculum which Virteasy Dental has been embedded within.

We thought it was important to dive in straight away and learn as much as we could. So first opportunity we could, we headed to the suite of phantom heads.

Having made many advances with the haptic feedback over the years and being able to make the haptic sensations of Virteasy as close to the real thing on phantom heads and patients is really important to us. Understanding how students and dentists handle the burrs. How they use the dental mirror for indirect vision. The positioning of the patient. It all helps us to develop a simulator which can integrate into current curriculum in the smoothest way.

We were very impressed with how the team at The School of Clinical Dentistry has integrated Virteasy Dental. It was great to see all the 1st year students very excited to start using the simulators. Fantastic that they were able to use the latest version very easily. Lots of them said that they tested it on their open day and they’ve been waiting to use them.

Thanks to the student’s feedback we’re improving….

  • Change VirTeaSy to Virteasy to make it easier to refer to (DONE)
  • Move the restart button to the top right with exercise controls to improve usability (DONE)
  • Allow user to deactivate the translation movement on 3D mouse as well as the zoom (IN PROGRESS)
  • Creating a new dental hand-piece to use with the haptic arm (IN PROGRESS)

Thank you to Nicolas Martin, Ashley Towers and all of their fantastic team for welcoming us. Also to the university and for integrating Virteasy Dental so well into their curriculum.

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  1. James Markey - March 9, 2019

    An absolute please to visit the university. Very well equipped, great staff and such enthusiastic students. Thank you!

  2. PIerre-Jean Petitprez - March 11, 2019

    Thanks to the team at The University of Sheffield for the warm welcome and the awesome teaching sessions. We learned so much!

  3. Arnaud Cosson (CEO) - March 11, 2019

    We’re very proud to have The University of Sheffield as a development partner since the early days of Virteasy Dental, thank you for being a part of this exciting journey.

  4. CathyneP - March 22, 2019

    Hello, I want to work in your company on a voluntary basis, can you offer me anything?

  5. James MARKEY - April 11, 2019

    Hi Cathyne, one of the team will contact you directly – we are also available on if you want to reach out to us.