Tashkent State Dental Institute

We had the pleasure of being invited to Tashkent State Dental Institute (TDSI.uz) in the beautiful Uzbekistan, in attendance were James Markey, Head of Commerce / Product (from JPMentors UK) and Vincent Radé, Project Manager and Engineer for Virteasy.

Thank you to rector Rizaev Jasur Alimjanovich and Bekhzod Yarmukhamedov for the great partnership here.

We were honored to be invited to give the keynote speech to the university, talking about innovation within dental training. Later we opened the annual dental competition which has been running for an amazing 6 years now and brings together multiple universities in the region.

In the afternoon, we were able to demonstrate Virteasy Dental in action, using our new guest mode so that everyone could experience what we were talking about. We were very impressed by the number of people that turned out and really appreciate all their feedback.

Students and staff experiencing the simulations.

The talks at the institute were inspiring. It is fantastic to see the future of dentistry in such capable hands, and we are grateful that you chose Virteasy to help with training the next generation of dentistry specialists. You can find out more about the Tashkent State Dental Institute on their website: http://tsdi.uz/

Some of the final year students

Thank you to the students who tested the simulators: Nosirova Jamilahon, Juraboeva Nilufar, Bilal Nadjie were some of the final years students who enjoyed the experience!

We would like to thank those at Tashkent for the lovely reception, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy the use of Virteasy. We are looking forward to visiting you again, but until then..

During our stay we were incredibly lucky to be accompanied by the likes of Dr Bilol and Fayoz who were beautiful people and helped show us around and communicate with everyone. Thank you very much!

See you next time!

Virteasy Classroom

Teacher PC Module Demonstration

Our Virteasy Classroom is a full suite of simulators working in perfect harmony. They are connected together via a secure server and managed via a teacher PC which allows a whole new level of functionality.

With the Virteasy Assistant, you are able to remotely watch simulators, create new users and design classroom curriculum configurations to assign access to different lessons. All of our data exports are free, forever.

With the Virteasy Editor, you are able to create your own lessons from 3D scans or 3D objects and set the scenario and instructions. This is simply done with the two-click export option available in the classroom setup. Easy!

Television Interview

We currently have 71 simulators deployed at 26 universities across 12 countries.

This post was written by Georgina from JPMentors UK

Please contact Georgina for any edits to this article.

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  1. Vincent Radé - February 28, 2019

    It was a Great Virteasy Classroom setup.
    Thank TSDI for welcoming !
    And great post Georgina.

  2. James Markey - February 28, 2019

    Really honoured to have had the chance to go to Tashkent State Dental Institute and talk to so many people. The Virteasy Classroom looks and works great and the enthusiasm from everybody is much appreciated!