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Easier login GIF
Easier Login

Easier Login
If you have a database of lots of users and you don’t have LDAP, it can be a long list. When you click the login box, you’ll now see the available letters at the bottom of the screen as a helpful little jump.

Exercise Database
Now with more than 115+ exercises in familiarisation, restoration, endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology. All of the thumbnails have been updated to better represent the exercise.

Virteasy Support in two clicks
Support in two clicks

Virteasy Support Shortcuts
Administrators have quick access to the following support programs straight from the simulation now:
1) Haptic connection
2) Haptic calibration
3) Support at distance

Virteasy Calibration

Calibration Simplification
You can now go to the next step into the calibration by using the pedal so you can keep a stable position without having to touch the screen.

Depth Gauge (bottom-right)

Depth Gauge – All Exercises
The wait is over! You can now access the depth gauge from the aids menu in every type of exercise. The position has been moved to the bottom of the top screen so you can easily refer to it whilst doing a treatment.

Implantology Aids

More intuitive aids
For implantology we have reconfigured the order of the aids to make it more intuitive for everyone:
1) Lesson notes
2) Impact position
3) Planned angle
4) Depth gauge
5) Post-drill visual check

Virteasy Classroom
Teacher Station

Integrated STL Library

Virteasy Editor: Integrated STL library
In the last public release we gave you a free library of STLs to use. Now you have access to all of these files from within Virteasy Editor. Create a new exercise and when you get to solid creation you can choose import from library.

Virteasy Editor – Snapshots

Virteasy Editor: Snapshot Thumbnails
Creating new exercises just got a few clicks easier. From the solid viewer on step 3 you can take a snapshot of the 3D view and the program will automatically set this snapshot as the thumbnail image for the exercise.

Virteasy Assistant

Virteasy Assistant: Optimisation
Some behind the scenes optimisations have made the program quicker, more stable and better optimised for daily use.