“Virteasy Classroom”

Virteasy Classroom is our most advanced release yet. A real milestone for the incredible team at Virteasy Dental. As many simulators as you want in your suite, all connected to a server and working in perfect harmony. Already installed at Xiamen in China and ADEMA in Spain.

Use Virteasy Assistant to manage users and export data freely.

Use Virteasy Editor to create your own exercises and export them freely with just 3 clicks.

Virteasy Simulator

Virteasy Dental Guest Mode
Virteasy Dental Guest Mode

Guest Mode

The new guest mode allows the simulator to be disconnected from the server, taken to open days or to exhibitions and it still magicly works. No admin or fake user logins. Just guest mode. Simple. When you’re done, just connect the simulator back to the network and it’ll recharge all the latest exercises.

Already tested out at ADEMA in Palma, Spain and the gaming exhibition in December 2018.

Virteasy Calibration Tutorial
Virteasy Calibration Tutorial

Calibration Tutorial

One of our most requested features of all time is here. Choose a high speed or low speed burr and in one-click you can launch a calibration tutorial. Experienced users can use the 3D mouse to perform a translation movement and calibrate manually so that everyone has the best of both worlds in a user-friendly way!

Virteasy New Exercises
Virteasy New Exercises

New Exercises

Virteasy Dental now features an astonishing 114 preloaded exercises. With the release of Virteasy Editor, ANY university can now create their own exercises with STL or DICOM files. Feel free to contact us if you want your new exercises to be included in the next release.

Virteasy Editor:

Create with Virteasy Editor
Create with Virteasy Editor

Full STL Library

Virteasy Editor is now ready to export exercises straight to the simulator. It comes equipped with a full library of adult teeth. All you need to do is create an STL for the caries and target that you want and you’re ready to go!

Virteasy Assistant:

Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant
Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant


Virteasy Assistant now comes fully equipped for the classroom with the Boradcaster. As a teacher this allows you to view all of the simulators from a Teacher PC and even put them up on the big screen.

Course Management

Another popular feature is course management which has been introduced to allow you to control which exercises each group or class is able to access.

A huge thanks to the Virteasy team for achieving so much in this release.

We wave goodbye to two brilliant staff Eric and Quentin who are moving on to pursue new opportunities and we are starting a recruitment drive to bolster our development team.

For the next release we’re focusing on:
** University approved exercises
** Smooth Experience
** Virteasy Editor Improvements
** Implantology

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  1. HRV Simulation - January 9, 2019

    Well done #TeamVirteasy, this is the most action packed release yet!

  2. Lucy - January 9, 2019


    Must say your website looks quite ok. Good job.

    Few months ago my friend convinced me to use tools from below article and I have to say it helped me soo much:

    I hope it will help you as well

  3. Jude - January 13, 2019

    Great update guys, thanks!

  4. Zak - January 13, 2019

    This is looking much better!

  5. RobertLoPhy - February 1, 2019

    Hi Good work !