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What is Virteasy Generation 2? (AKA Virteasy Solution)

Generation 2 is VirTeaSy, the research project, being built from ground up to become a full commercial offering as the Virteasy Solution. Being built with the future in mind, it is built to last, to allow new features to be built on top of it and built ready for the future simulation suites. Create your own curriculums, practice as many times as you need (or want) freely and evaluate progress over time. All exports of data are free, too.

Restoration, endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology. 

This update is another right step in that direction. Well done to the Virteasy team.

Virtual Teaching, made Easy.

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Changelog: New Features

The latest changelog is filled with useful advancements for the Virteasy Solution. First off, let’s look at the Virteasy Simulator:

Linux and Virteasy Dental

Linux and Virteasy Dental


For all new orders, the Virteasy Simulator will be available on Linux. This is a huge advancement from the Windows alternative that has allowed us to provide optimised performance, a more secure machine and prepare the simulator for the future so you don’t have to worry about your simulator suite. All existing customers can contact us to arrange a switch over to Linux if they wish.

New Exercises on Virteasy Dental

New Exercises on Virteasy Dental


We now have lots of exercises in dexterity (29) and restoration (32). Now, the focus moves on to endodontics, prosthodontics and implantology to offer an entire database of preloaded exercises so universities are ready to go from day one.

Virteasy Gizmo

Virteasy Gizmo

The “Gizmo”

To help make placement and calibration easier within the 3D we’ve implemented the traditional “gizmo”. We were blown away by the feedback from #ADEE2018 of just how important this little aid was. So we listened and here it is. Available in the latest update: the gizmo.

Virteasy Simulator

Virteasy Simulator


Haptic calibration is now built into the system to help you concentrate more on the use of the simulator and less on the setup. We’re working on tutorials and prompts to make this even smoother now.


When you’re inside an exercise, you’ve chosen a burr and you’re ready to go, we want to mimic the experience as close as we can. With the feedback from an existing client we have now added in a rotation effect to improve the experience

Now let’s look at Virteasy Editor:

Create with Virteasy Editor

Create with Virteasy Editor


Editor brings the ability to create your own exercises, important patient scans and even complete your own “expert” planification for implantology. No one else offers all of that. We’re still improving and integrating the editor and will be working with existing users to advance it further.

Now let’s take a look at Virteasy Assistant:

Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant

Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant


Again thanks to one of our fantastic universities, we have implemented a detailed user view into Assistant. We’re currently integrating out remote-viewer into assistant for a fully integrated classroom setup.

You can find out how to contact us here.

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