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New release: “Virteasy Classroom” will revolutionise dental training around the world

At the start of 2019 we announced the upcoming release of Virteasy Classroom which is now available. This is the biggest update to the Virteasy range for many years.

Virteasy Classroom Release
Virteasy Classroom Release

The Classroom release allows multiple Virteasy simulators to work in perfect harmony and be connected to establish a fully integrated simulation suite. This allows multiple students to work on the same exercise at the same time (with the possibility of doing treatment on a virtual patient in a virtual scene which is wholly unique).

At the same time, the Classroom setup comes with a teacher module that permits teachers to follow student progress, export all their evaluations for student reports and watch simulators remotely in real time.

Not only that, the Classroom setup permits educators to create new lessons (on top of the 100+ that we have pre-installed already) from our full library of teeth (both manible and maxillary) or to import 3D intra-oral patient scans.

We’re not finished yet. The Virteasy Classroom also has an implantology module to allow the planification of an implant from our full library of implants. The simulation then permits visual aids and the possibility for further integration and improvement is very exciting!

All of this has already been installed in ADEMA (Spain), Xiamen (China) and Lviv (Ukraine).

Virteasy is already revolutionising dental training:

  • 70+ Simulators deployed worldwide
  • 25+ Dental universities equipped
  • 10+ Countries have Virteasy

Virteasy Simulator:

Virteasy New Exercises

Teacher Module: Virteasy Editor

Create with Virteasy Editor

Teacher Module: Virteasy Assistant

Evaluate with Virteasy Assistant

Virteasy Classroom in Action

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  1. HRV Simulation - February 6, 2019

    Very happy with the progress that is made in the Virteasy range, thank you team!