We were honoured to showcase Virteasy Dental at ADEE 2018 in Oslo, Norway. It came at a great moment with the most recent public release of Virteasy Dental just in the final stages of our sprint (being an Agile startup). Alongside that, a few days before we received a prototype finger rest we designed with a current client which allowed us to gain some valuable feedback immediately from dental professionals from around the world.

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Simulator Wars Session

ADEE 2018¬†“Bridging the gap between pre-clinical and clinical training”

The first morning we were excited to see the team from Sheffield University¬†talking about their dental training (pictured is Ashley Towers and Jonathan Dixon) as well as listen to the discussion on “simulator wars” which was co-chaired by Dr. James Field and Dr. Carlos Serrano and which had Professor Dave Allerton as a keynote speaker. You can find out more about the session by going to ADEE here. (Note: this session was sponsored by HRV Simulation).

Straight after the session all the participants joined us for coffee and to take the latest version of Virteasy Dental for a spin.

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Streaming

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Being Streamed

It was great to have so many people watching the live simulation being streamed on to the large TV, kindly lent to us by Oslo University.

Immediately, there was a lot of interest in Virteasy Editor and how new exercises could be created to integrate Virteasy into a university’s curriculum. Still being tested, Virteasy Editor allows universities not only to create new lessons but also to use DICOM and STL files to create haptic exercises from dental scans.

Virteasy Editor

Virteasy Editor

You can find out more about Virteasy Editor on our website here. We welcome universities to contact us to discover how your current or future scanners can be integrated with the functionalities of Virteasy Editor to create new lessons.

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Stand Prize

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Prize

On the second morning, we found that we had won a prize for being the top contributors to the ADEE meeting platform. Thanks to the enthusiasm from participants, all the new connections, photos and social shares through the application helped us achieve top place.

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Oslo Tour

ADEE 2018 Oslo Tour

It was a great chance to explore the facilities of Oslo and we very much appreciate the tour that we received. The buildings are relatively new, the facilities are impressive and it seems like a great university to study dentistry. We are confident that UiO will continually update their facilities to keep pushing the boundaries of a modern dental university and we hope that haptic simulators will be introduced in the future too.

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Simulation

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Simulation

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Demonstrations

ADEE 2018 Virteasy Demonstrations

One of the most catching features of Virteasy is surely the 3D environment. We try everything we can within the simulation to help bridge the gap between pre-clinical and clinical training for students.

Virteasy Assistant

Virteasy Assistant

Every time someone uses the simulator it is possible to register the exercise and save the data. For teachers, professors and staff, this is then accessible through Virteasy Assistant. It was great to hear the interest in integrating the data and usage of the simulator with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Salud, who we are in contact with to explore how this can be done. We are currently looking into HL7 standards which will further help integration on Virteasy within universities.

Virteasy Simulator

Virteasy Simulator

We look forward to seeing you all next time.

ADEE 2018 Thank You

ADEE 2018 Thank You

For all enquires please contact: James.markey@virteasy.com

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  1. HRV Simulation - August 28, 2018

    Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Virteasy Dental stand, we look forward to working together in the future.

  2. James MARKEY - September 7, 2018

    It was a pleasure to meet everyone at #ADEE2018 and really looking forward to the opportunities this has presented Virteasy Dental. Exciting times!

  3. Eric Brinette - September 7, 2018

    Amazing! Virteasy integration into LMS will be groundbreaking!

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