The University of Plymouth is hosting a Digital Dentistry Day on the 3rd December to highlight how technology will, and is, changing the workflow and training for dentists around the world.

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The Peninsula Dental School started to get involved with Virteasy Dental to explore the use of VR and haptic simulators in dental training. A dental simulator allows students to feel the difference between enamel and dentine and feel the drop of going into the pulp chamber.

Virteasy Classroom

In 2019, the university was updated to Virteasy UniVRsity, which gave a lot of new features to the simulator. With Virteasy Editor, for example, they can now create new exercises using patient scans (STLs from intra-oral scans, or DICOMs from CT scans) and create new virtual exercises. The program then allows the caries to be designed and positioned within the tooth for restoration as well as creating target removal areas for prosthodontics and endodontics. With Virteasy Assistant, they are now capable to have self-directed study for students with the ability to track progress, export evaluations and to give students the possibility of self-assessment and self-reflection before the teacher reviews their work later.