• Manage Students and Classes

    Create new students, classes and groups from manual entry, CSV import or LDAP through the university connection.

  • Mark Evaluations

    All student work is saved within Virteasy Assistant for you to review. Accept the simulator's automatic scoring or give the student a custom grade to match up with your university grading.

  • Open Exports

    Student work can be exported in an open STL format for reviewing, printing and storing. Student evaluations can be exported in an open CSV format for creating reports.

  • Simulator Integration

    Students can access Virteasy Assistant straight from the simulator. Easy.

  • Only at Work. Or at home, too.

    The database can be hosted on a local server, online, or how you wish, allowing teachers to access student evaluations at a time and place that suits them.

  • Windows and Linux Support

    Works on both our simulators and the teacher PC.


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